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Meet our talented health and fitness team.




I believe in starting where you are in your well-being levels. Whatever that maybe to you, work with your body to improve yourself, not just physically, but mentally.

My passion began after watching many of my clients improve and seeing what an amazing effect positive fitness had on their lives. This was the point when I decided I wanted to specialise in women’s fitness.

As a trainer I love HITT training. I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie and love fast pace exercise which is challenging but also exciting! I like to encourage my clients to live a lifestyle that improves their health and opens new opportunities. Furthermore, it keeps them in a happy and motivated mindset.

I spend my free time walking my mad Husky, experimenting in the kitchen and enjoying a slice of cake now and again!

I’ve found my happy lifestyle, let me help you find yours!




Since beginning my own fitness journey 10 years ago, I began to become passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals as I began to learn more about the industry.  It became more than just a hobby.

By reading about the latest research and developments in exercise and nutrition, I have gained a diverse knowledge of activities, processes and techniques that help me tailor training programmes to my client’s needs, specialising in weight and strength training techniques to build muscle and cut fat.

I enjoy selecting and preparing meals effectively and enjoy sharing my experience in nutrition with others, enabling them to support their fitness goal with cost-effective, healthy food plans, which ultimately help achieve their goals.

In my spare time I enjoy long walks with the dog, chilling out with friends and watching movies.